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Did you know that one of the most powerful world leaders of the 20th century, President Richard Nixon, was born and raised in the nearby community of Yorba Linda?   Today, the small house where Nixon was born still stands amid the housing tracts of Orange County.   You can tour that house as part of a trip to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace.  To understand how a local boy could rise from modest beginnings to the role of United States President is to realize the meaning and wonder of our democratic system.   Each day, visitors from around the world stroll the nine acres which contain over 20 high-tech Presidential museum galleries, movie and interactive video theaters, the restored birthplace, and the memorial gravesites of President and Mrs. Nixon.   A step-by-step historical account of Nixon’s career is featured here, including his political ups and downs, and a description of significant world events from the last 50 years.  The museum is more than a tribute to Nixon’s legacy.   It gives the visitor a sense of the kind of spirit and determination it takes to dedicate one’s life to public service and statesmanship.  

Come discover for yourself a small portion of our democratic heritage and honor the achievements of one extraordinary American.   Visit the Richard Nixon Library.

EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT:   100 points possible 


   memorial grave sites 

   helicopter    reflecting pool
    birthplace house        the East Room     world leaders (no flash)


PARAGRAPH QUESTIONS:   Answer each set of questions on a separate half page paragraph-----TOTAL of 3 PAGES MINIMUM LENGTH in pen.

1.   WEBSITE REVIEW:     Visit portions or before you go.   Determine three places you most want to visit at the museum and describe them briefly.  Print out the proof that you visited this website.  (6 sentence minimum for this question.)

2.   INTRODUCTORY FILM:     Watch the 28 minute movie of President Nixon’s career called   “Never Give Up.”   Describe Nixon’s philosophy about public service and explain three accomplishments from his career that you learned from the film.   Based on what you have seen at this museum, do you think Nixon was a successful president?   (6 sentence minimum for this question.)


·         How many years did Nixon live in his Yorba Linda home?

·         What happened to his political career in both 1946 and 1948?  In 1950?

·         Why was the Presidential Election of 1960 so important in history?

·         What happened to his political career in both 1968 and 1972?  In 1974?

·         What two countries did Nixon visit in 1972 that made big news and why?

·         How many children did Nixon have?

4.   PERMANENT GALLERIES:   Which of the historic galleries fascinated you the most and why?    Name the 10 World Leaders represented by life-size statues who worked closely with President Nixon.   Which of these leaders do you think you would’ve been most interested in meeting and why?     After visiting the Domestic Affairs Gallery, name what you believe to be Nixon’s three biggest acheivements for our nation.   (6 sentence minimum for this question.)

5.   TOUR OF RESTORED BIRTHPLACE:   Take the guided tour of President Nixon’s boyhood home.   Describe details about the house that most surprised you on this tour.   How do you think this house compares with the childhood homes of other powerful world leaders?   What does this place teach foreign visitors about the American Presidency?     (6 sentence minimum for this question.)

6.   TOUR the PRESIDENTIAL HELICOPTER:   (Closed with bad weather)   Step aboard Army One, the Presidential Helicopter used by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford.   Describe details about the helicopter that most surprised you.   How many trips did Nixon make in this helicopter throughout his presidency?    (6 sentence minimum for this question.)


7.  VISIT THE EAST ROOM:  Visit a replica of the largest room in the White House, the East Room.  Use the museum's webpage to list the 10 most fascinating events that occurred in real East Room.


8.   PHOTO CAPTIONS and PERSONAL REVIEW:    Describe your photographs of the museum and gardens (remember: no flash photography inside.)    What were your favorite displays and attractions?    Which presentation taught you the most about the Nixon presidency?    Did you enjoy your visit?   Who went with you and what did they think of the place?   Do you think this is a worthwhile attraction for understanding the spirit of democracy?   (6 sentence minimum for this question.)