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College Tour Assignment


Which college or university is right for you?    This assignment encourages you to shop around for the campus that most fits your needs and personality.   Now is the time to weigh the pros and cons and reflect on the atmosphere of your future investment.  You may submit this assignment in lieu of one of the Trip of the Month assignments.


The best way to select a campus is to see it yourself.  One visit may tell you more than all other sources combined.  Some schools are more demanding than others.   What can you do to prepare for the school of your choice while youre still in high school?   This is the time to seek answers to these questions.   The Sophomore and Junior years are excellent times for students and parents to tour college campuses.   Here are a few tips.


  Visit during the week so you can sit in classes and see the campus in action.

  Pre-arrange an interview with a dean, professor, or official representative of the school and come prepared with a list of questions.

  Pre-arrange a guided tour of the campus.

  Pre-arrange an overnight stay in one of the on-campus housing units.

  Ask to sit in on some classes that are significant to your major.

  Interview a few students outside class, in the dining halls, in the student union, in the dorms.   What is life like?, Whats the best/worst thing about the school?  Whats harder than you expected?  Whats easier than you expected?  Report their answers.

  Using our schools library of college catalogs, compare your school with two similar schools that offer the same program.   (Fill out the form on the back)

  Take plenty of pictures when you tour campus.


For 200 points, submit a composite of all of the following:

1.         the completed "comparative criteria" form summarizing course catalog info from three different schools. (see back)

2.         a written confirmation of your tour time, interview or and overnight stay on campus on official school stationery.

3.         an evaluation of the school based on a.) atmosphere, b.) library and research facilities, c.) facilities in your major department, d.) suggestions and requirements for your chosen major, e.) quality of the student union and/or housing, f.) and opportunities for extracurricular activities.

4.         a summary of the interview you had with the dean, professor, or official school representative of your chosen field (attach their business card.).

5.         your personal insights, preferences and observations of the school.

6.         captioned photos of your experience