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Dear Students, Parents, and Community:

This website is designed to be a resource of information for a variety of different subjects. The main purpose of this website is to help visitors become more educated and informed about the world around them. With that in mind, every reasonable effort has been made by Mr. Beeken to insure that the links on this website are accurate and direct to appropriate sites. However, please note that the Internet is not regulated by any government agency and is a constantly changing environment. Please understand the following when using this website:

        Links from this website that direct a visitor to a particular website can not only be changed but are subject to change by computer hackers. Mr. Beeken has no control over this. Every effort has been made to ensure that links go to appropriate and relevant websites. It is possible that links that were once acceptable may now direct visitors to websites containing inappropriate material such as pornography. Again, Mr. Beeken cannot control or monitor this situation.

        Links from this website will direct visitors to webpages on the Internet. These webpages may contain links that could possibly direct visitors to inappropriate websites. It is impossible for Mr. Beeken to verify the content and quality of links that are located on these websites. Please understand that there is a possibility that these links could be changed or are subject to computer hackers. Every effort has been made to ensure that linked webpages are indeed acceptable and relevant to the purposes of this website.

Please understand that the Internet is an unregulated and constantly evolving environment. There is no regulation or authority that monitors websites for content or appropriateness. Furthermore, website content can be changed at anytime or be subject to change by computer hackers. Every effort has been made by Mr. Beeken to ensure that this website and all the links within the site are acceptable and relevant for use in the educational environment.


David Beeken
Social Studies Dept.
West Covina High School